Friday, 6 February 2009

A Presentation About Community, By The Community

Last week, Neil Perkin was in need of a presentation about, well about all this social, crowd sourcing, media kind of stuff that we're all massively interested in. Many of us contributed a slide after his request for us to help him out so that he could include it in his presentation to prove that what he was talking about actually works. Here it is and I'm posting this from Slideshare to see what the format looks like but may add links a little later for reference. I think it's terrific.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Charles. Great contributions from everyone.

  2. Sorry Charles,

    Nothing personal. Strictly Professional. Dirty Business I know.

    Lot of people getting caught in the cross-fire.

    It just goes on getting worse for baby.

    The ad run is over soon. But then the work on the statutory complaints begin - AfC, ASA, ITV, Charity Commission, and so on.

    Bad news all around and a lesson to adland in general.

    That slideshow - spot on. Really, taking those lessons to heart could make a big, big difference to one's professional practice.

    I think you should send that slide show to Laurence and the Baby crew. They need it.

    Look me up next time you're in Cambridge, you can give me a black-eye or I'll buy you a drink. Or both. Your call.


  3. For it to be personal, I'd have to care Mr. "Anonymous name and anonymous location"

    Charles Frith
    +66 869930870
    Email cefrith at

  4. I seem to have lost Disqus comments but that doesn't matter Neil.

    My only regret is I didn't push harder and make southbound trip across the Thames because of the 3 or 4 people I really wanted to meet, you were one.

    I should have gone the extra mile so that maybe you could see me from your own eyes. I'm just chuffed that my estimation of you was OK. You got it going on :)

    Cheeky aren't I :)

  5. Charles,

    You do care because it's obvious you're a sensitive sort. We all discussed this at length and decided you were an OK sort of bloke. That's why I said sorry.

    No irony intended.

    Not much compensation, but I got the same treatment from a "colleague", when I was working for the Derby Evening Telegraph.

    As I said my names Harry, I'm a drunken and embittered former Fleet Street hack and I live in Cambridge and I offered to by you a drink when you're in town.

    This is not being anonymous.

    But anyway, they've trimmed a week of the ad's run. So it's a victory of sorts. But as I said, the real work now begins....


  6. Thanks Harry. I need kind words at the moment. I've got a lot on and I'm appallingly disorganised.

    That's going to change.

    Let's have that drink. I'm hoping to hit the UK when the sun shines.

    I'm crafty like that :)