Tuesday 24 June 2008


I couldn't help laughing at this bag I saw in Xidan over the weekend. I'm probably going straight to hell aren't I?

There's an anthropological/linguistic/ethnographic study in the waiting for this little number above. I'm being serious because actually it's unacceptable in many Asian cultures to wear this and yet the intended irony has gone off-skew with this example I saw in Beijing. Lauren or Angus might have a bit to say on this.

Everybody loves a bit of Exciusive design don't they? Just splendid!

Or can we safely blame Moschino for this kind of stuff.


  1. perhaps the reason that it's unacceptable to wear in many asian countries is not for the beautiful FUCK, but because the dress is so goddamned awful??!!

    seriously, i believe that learning how to swear in a language is vital to learning the language and getting the culture mix. because swearing is the base level of colloquialism and if you're using the highest form of the language, you stick out like a sore thumb, believe me.

    perhaps this also applies to fashions, trends and consumer markets - if you can't wear trashy crap, you'll never fit in. although i'm not quite sure it works in this case. especially with that moschino shirt...

  2. The first female creative team I worked with 10 years ago at HHCL were both members of the Cunt club Lauren so I've become immune to words. I am however delighted by your comment because of course the real crime is the dress is such bad taste.

    I totally agree.

  3. I have nothing further to add.

    (Although I do wish the word vulva would be used more regularly)