Saturday 3 May 2008

What's your magic?

There was a time when this sort of solid gold presentation was only possible to people who ponied up 500 quid at a conference, but is now available through the generosity of folks like Iris and Contagious with their 'Under The Influence' talks (held reasonably enough in London pubs) and of course Iain Tate of Poke who are probably the hippest and thought leading digital agency in London. This is magic.


  1. I hope you appreciated my excellent contribution to the Q & A. I left George Parker to be there.

  2. Your contribution is always appreciated Doddsy. I'm surprised they put on the two stars overlapping. Are they nuts. Don't they know that rushing from tent to tent is passe?

  3. Great preso except for the fact it highlighted what a sad bunch of bastards we were ...

    Mind you, I had a Philips G7000 which was the Skoda of video game consoles so I guess I was a sadder bastard than most.