Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 ?

Its not often I plug on this blog but this is Jerry Tian. Jerry has been marvelously patient while I was stuck in Serviced Apartment Hell. He is polite, efficient and professional. I only really discovered the extent of his professionalism when I pushed it to the limit. Beijing is hopelessly addicted to keycards and even though I'm notorious for forgetting mission critical stuff (where's my goddam pen?...It's behind your ear Charles) I came home one night a few weeks back and realised my key card was in my apartment. The concierge service weren't really trying to help as I have a private lease deal going on and so I had no choice but to call Jerry at 4 in the morning.

Well not only did he take care of everything (as he has done for all my needs) but when I called him the next day to apologise for waking him up so deep into the night his response said everything you need to know. "Call me anytime Charles - Its my job"

So if you know anyone who is moving to Beijing or wants Olympic apartments sorted out. Visit Jerry at his website here for more details or contact him via email ftbeijing@gmail.com

Jerry speaks good English, does business in a professional manner, and if he doesn't have what you want, he knows someone who does.

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