Saturday 26 January 2008

Connecting Peoples

Earlier today I was passing that blood bank bus I've mentioned before when talking about brand utility, and I thought I'd do my bit and load up the People's Republic with some of my own juice as I had a pint or so to spare.

This nice Gentleman took all my details and loaded them up on the notebook.

And the nice nurse checked my blood pressure and took a sample to be on the safe side.

And I got on with taking a few pictures as the people on the bus were all the generous giving sort. (I don't count myself. I was looking for shameless blogging content).

And Bob's your uncle. No mess, no fuss, just juice. Which sounds like a line doesn't it?

And that was my Saturday afternoon, apart from buying some Stella McCartney's Adidas for a girl I haven't yet met, because I do that once in a someone, figure out if I've bought the right size and if it looks like it will work, say 'here's something I bought earlier'.

Seriously though if there are any ladies out there who are really into this the Adidas 'Stella' the store on Wanfujing is doing 50% off and I can only justify buying the one item on the off chance of meeting a close fit, even though its easily the sexiest and most futuristic female clothing I've ever seen and it doesn't seem to be shifting over here. Its like Prada/Miu Miu meets Adidas. Which isn't a bad thing. Its still pricy but a half price sale is a fair chunk off. Go check out the current collection.


  1. So you're giving blood so you can impregnate the Chinese with the Frith "Huggy Bear" virus ... and you're buying female Adidas gear so you can impregnate some hot young babe in the future.

    I know you're a planner, but this is ridiculous :)

  2. For what it's worth though - I still think it's tops that you're living China rather than simply living in China. If only more were as brave as you - but then many in advertising do all they can to separate themselves from the masses even though there job is to understand and resonate with them.

    Bit like when Bono talks about the poor eh!

  3. Admit it Rob. Its Sunday. You're bored. You've come to take the piss and now you're feeling bad about it and trying to *butter* me up :)

    OK just kidding, and thanks for the compliment. I like nothing better than getting out there. Every time I get to mingle and meet with real people I'm ashamed how many decisions I make each day based on intuition and experience. I need to get out more and after Chinese New Year I've got some plans to visit some communities that I know you're going to love hearing about. Think gritty!

  4. yes, yes, very good, you gave blood...but more importantly, you bought SM adidas for someone and it WASN'T ME!!! [can i sound any more outrageously selfish? probably not.]

    btw, well done on the hot chinese nurse pic. all the boys and girls will love that one :)

  5. It's people like Charles that give me hope that adland won't just evaporate China for its own ends but will actually grow to understand it.

    I think thats also one advantage of being in Beijing not Shanghai.

  6. Thanks Rob. Very kind words. Truth is thought that I'm asking myself a thousand times a day. Am I wrong, am I wrong, am I wrong. Its really tough to bring vision to the table and at the same time have the patience to listen and really figure out if its deep cultural or veneer thin behavioural.

    I just read a book yesterday that I have to share with you. Do remind me on that one.