Saturday 29 December 2007

Thrifty Thinking

I've been meaning to post this utterly brilliant piece since I saw it first in Milan at the global creative review I talked about over here. The creative person on this work is Brendan Donnelly and I think he got his casting better than one could really wish for in terms of acting. Now my opinion on this ad doesn't really count until Famous Rob has given his view, because nobody reviews an ad quite like Rob Mortimer.


  1. Why thank you senior Frith. I should probably not even try to live up to that expectation and say something like: "It's pretty good."

    Still, it's (for me) a totally unexpected ending. I was waiting for something witty, but wasn't sure in what form it was going to arrive. The casting is superb, the 'pimp my ride hyperactive scream and dancing routine (copyright MTV)' is perfect, and the look on the guys face is brilliant.

    Compared to the recent rubbish we have had here for Enterprise this is in another league.

  2. Its not just your views on ads Rob. Its the way you express them I value. Happy new year.

  3. A lovely piece of work indeed Charles. Thank you for sharing.

    This prompted the thought that this year (and last perhaps - with Honda) has seen a whole heap of ads that are just plain funny - or beautifully crafted - go "viral".

    Where before it was just tits 'n' arse that had a viral effect, there have been some siginificant pieces of advertising - that gorilla, bunnies (and its forebears), cake, amongst others - that have gone viral without a boob in sight.

    Perhaps it's because there are more people with a creative (or plannerly) bent with well-read blogs who are sharing them. Or perhaps it's just that a handful of clients have realised that quality films still have the power to engage punters with their brands.

    Let's hope for more next year, eh?!

  4. Hi James, welcome to the blawg :) I think sex sells and it probably should do. Fucking is far more interesting than advertising. Particularly if there is something to be gained from it.

    Unless one works in advertising of course.

    Consider yourself linked dear chap :)

  5. Too kind, too kind ... and I shall be back.

    Now, time to do something less productive, what with it being new year's even and all that. Have a lovely one ...

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