Thursday, 20 December 2007

Lenovo Mobile Phone Advertising

There's lots I could say about this, but before the world screams "lame" take a closer look to the advertising that worked in the 60's and 70's in developed economies where media literacy was about the same as it is in China's cities. I posted about it over here. That doesn't mean I like this kind of commercial, it just means that everything is contextual. As those who know me are well aware of.


  1. Not subtle, no real great thought behind it; but does it make any less sense than some of the UK mobile ads? Not really.

  2. I don't know if you can truly compare how advertising worked in the 60's and 70's with how it currently is being executed in China - mainly because technology has changed the way people are engaged [forcing creativity to make a come back as they judge it on a World stage not a local one!] as well as how they view 'brand promises'.

    I got in alot of trouble with the overall Commander of your companies holding company when I said the reason I felt he loved China so much was that his companies could command a higher agency commission [than that of the rest of the World] because they could put out Brainless advertising mush - which could be written over a KFC meal - under the guise of it being an undeveloped advertising market.

    Undeveloped does not mean stupid [and I know you're not claiming otherwise] ... and I'd argue China is one of the most intelligent and resourceful places on Earth ... but this sort of advertising can be harmful both interms of holding the development of creativity [not just in ads, but in general] as well as subliminaly communication to the outside World that the Chinese are thickos.

    Yes I am being dramatic - and I also appreciate that some local clients like these sorts of ads because [1] they DO think the masses need to be spoon fed and [2] don't want to do good communication incase their Western counterparts start saying they don't need a local budget because their ads look like they'd work there [not a joke, that's what a senior Asian client said to me 3 weeks ago] - however these ads tend to work because of the Chinese attitude towards 'power brands', which in its simplest form is influenced by 'he who shouts loudest'.

    And as regards your other post with the iPhone - I saw a company launch an exact replica ot the Apple Nano iPod [except it says PLAY where Apple use an arrow 'icon'] with 8gb of memory for just SG$100.

    The speed of 'plagirsim/creativity' is astounding here - which is why a Singaporean company didn't launch into China until they had developed 15 versions of their product so that they could always stay ahead - at least for a couple of years.

  3. I probably ranted and made no sense [as usual] - can I blame it on tiredness rather than my pre-occupation for talking shite? Ha.

  4. Not at all Rob. Every conversation anyone in this business has with you makes them a better planner. I agree that it is our responsibility in this business to give brave, innovative and entrepreneurial manufacturers the voice that they find so hard to articulate in company. Any agency that relies upon the tried and trusted formulas of selling cultural superlatives such as pretty women, shiny white perfectly formed teeth, aspirational cosmopolitan living and the complete check list of 'how to sell without really thinking' are not doing their clients justice if they haven't done their very best to show it takes great courage and leadership, the same skills that made them entrepreneurs in the first place to strike out on their own and find their own voice. Their own way of dramatising they way they see life, the reason why they fight for marketing share. Their brand DNA. As you know we are pitching on some business which will be the first of many and we have already moved away from the wanky words of 20th century marketing hype to something a bit more grounded.

    If I win a piece of business that goes on to have grounded, honest and truthful communications. I will consider this my first success. If not I will keep on trying until such time as I do. Because I'm not in it for the money. Although the cash helps ;)

    Your comments are always welcome here Rob.