Sunday 2 December 2007

History of Blogging

From Rinaz


  1. It makes me wonder what's going to happen footage of cat sneezing! daily summary and collages of cctv of cat in the neighbourhood!

  2. Hi Andrea. Its fair to say that pervasive communications aren't for everyone. Continuous partial attention is a way of thinking and processing that is closer to our primate past than the scientific method that has dominated the 19th and 20th century. I'll make sure that I keep off the cat topic over here at punk planning ;)

  3. Nothing wrong with cats ;)

    It's just that it made me think for a while, I've been on the "intarwebs" since Blogger came out but I just wonder how far it'll go into our personal lives after twitter came out. If it can go any further, that is.

    I can't think of anything more intimate than twitter which virtually lets everyone know where you are and what you're doing. But then again a couple of years ago we never knew something like Facebook would come out

  4. Hmmm hello again Andrea. I think I've been on Friendster since about 2002 and I've not stopped thinking about the points you raise since. There are some very interesting podcasts by the Harvard Business Review about tiered identity management. Which will be the future of mobile social networking. Its one of those issues that we aren't forced to do unlike say being filmed on CCTV or biometrics such as fingerprints which effectively leave the unique password for a person in a thousand different places a day. I wouldn't leave my PIN number lying around that way but in principle thats what will be happening if that particular metric is used.

  5. A) RoTFL.

    B) And this is to (in a way) answer some questions raised in the comments - I started blogging actively in 2001, and have been on Orkut/Facebook/ from the very early days of both, and now on twitter for 10 something months. I've been on flickr since June 2004.

    I've never once stopped to question these things - to me - it's a big part of why I do certain things. Get more people to share the goodies in my life/whatever.
    I do hope it goes one step further than twitter - and while I appreciate the privacy issues, I for one know how much to reveal/share and not. The same limits that I set for my offline life exist in my online avtar.
    (Sorry if it got a little rambling)


  6. Hello Ravages. Nice to see you drop by again. Coincidentally I just took delivery of my new Thinkpad the day after I wrote that comment and it has a fingerprint recognition device on it which is neat. Now then. As we're comparing stripes. Were you on IRC around 1994? That was the first community for me ;)

  7. Haha! The My car is bigger debate for geeks. :P
    I wasn't on IRC in 94. Damn! I began using Pirch and mIRC in 96/97 IIRC, and ICQ in 99.

  8. don't forget...

    second life: ooh! another cat, with bigger teats and a skinnier waist!

    and last fm - the cat's meow.

  9. You are fucking brilliant Lauren. ^5 from The Jing :)

  10. just keep that kind of information to yourself charles, we don't want EVERYONE knowing about it :)