Saturday, 8 December 2007

Brand Fusion - Adidas & Goodyear

Moxie and I were talking about exactly this idea in London. Expect more of this.

"The east shall shake the west awake
And ye shall have night for morn"

- James Joyce / "Finnegan's Wake"
America is not at war, the Marine Corp is at war. America is at the Mall

Can you guess the film? Search Charades!


  1. It's not always a good idea and if you ask me it's quite tricky to use and implement if the associations are done wrong. Some things do work but most of the fusions I've seen were the sort of "lesser brand brings down the other" in this symbiosis thing or big brand completely sucks the life out of the small brand, as if it was never there

  2. Hi Andrea. I'd love to share with you some of the media aperture ideas for cobranding that we were doing in London but they are too good to reveal quite yet. I'd love to know if you like the example I've given though :)

  3. I know, I know. I love the example with Adidas and Goodyear, I'm imagining this came as a result to a 'basketball players want soles that aren't slippery' sort of insight, it's quite a fortunate fusion and seemed like the obvious thing ('why didn't we think about it') as Goodyear is known to be the company that pioneered vulcanisation and tyres.

    It's common sense that when you're playing basketball you want to 'feel' the surface you're playing on in the same way you control a car on a damp road. I'm also annoyed at the fact that it's really clever, you know Volvo cars come with Goodyear tyres - to me it suggests that by wearing Adidas trainers I can pretty much have a firm grip on the basketball court as I would if I tried to hit the break on the road when a kid jumped in front of my car.

    I'm not sure if that made sense though, heh.