Thursday, 1 November 2007

Real or not real?

Charlie Gower over at Tantramar and I visited the Ephemera fair a few weekends ago and it was brilliant. Lots of classic printed material such as in-flight magazines from the 50's or telephone marketing from the 1930's and more. We met a bunch of faces we knew including Cookie from Made In England, who I recognised by his mustache as you would expect. I also met the fine chaps Rory and Mark from Fairbrand who kept us company down to Brick Lane after, where Charlie and I were up for a curry. I like this area of London at the weekends.

In the restaurant Charlie pulled out his fake hand waving act which I managed to catch on camera. You gotta be quick as Charlie only does this on special occasions. Is it real or not?

Then we ducked into Rough Trade Records to check out the latest DJ Kicks by Booka Shade who I'm usually nuts about, but on this occasion it wasn't floating my boat, particularly since that DJ from the lost weekend pointed out that Booka Shade is (slow drum roll) 'slow Trance' (Gulp). Fortunately the Pan Pot Panorama were working their magic so that compensated nicely.

By the time we bailed out of Rough Trade, it was looking darker and feeling even more vibrant at night. This part of London is seemingly fully loaded with Japanese and Koreans, which suits me just fine. Or at least appeals to the Orientalist in me.

It wont be long now but London really is a special city as I hope this quick panorma over the Thames suggests. I'll miss it no doubt, but only in the same way that old friendships are always enjoyed so much more after some time away. If indeed I will ever really come back. (Cue sentimental music)


  1. Ahhh getting all'll be missed...

  2. I love this post and not because you're leaving me alone for once [ha] - it's a well written, well observed expression of a man coming to terms with a city he may of taken for granted.

    Whenever people leave 'home', they tend to open their eyes to their surroundings again ... often for the first time since they orignally came to that place.

    The sad/happy thing is that quite often when you go back, the physical dimensions of the place are exactly the same, only your friends have changed - but hey, that's life ... and I hope you write more about this sort of stuff because whilst I love reading your views on planning etc, hearing what makes Charles tick is probably even more insightful as regards getting a 'take' on what you think life is and what it should be about.

    Well done my son ... love it.

  3. Thanks Rob. Not just for the kind words but the inspiration from the
    'opinionated sod' :)