Monday, 26 November 2007

Photoblogging 2.0

I have a bunch of snaps from the Nokia N95 which in general has quite a cool camera facility even thought it blows chunks when it comes to speed. First off is the window to BBC Radio, Broadcasting House on Portland Place which stopped me in its tracks because it had a BBC Acorn computer in the window.

This is like tech porn for people like me who saw the P.C. revolution take off with computers like this and the incredible ZX81 and Spectrum which are easily responsible for a whole generation of top notch computer scientists. So thanks Sir Clive Sinclair who also invented that remarkably prescient but rejected Sinclair C5 that my friend Matt Catt turned up to a party in and instanly blew up the whole of London's oh so trendy collective by being both hip and more crucially, sustainable.

Later on I saw this protestor outside the Chinese Embassy further up the road on Portland Place.

I nipped into Soho later and thought how well the sex shops just get to the point when it comes to typography and layout

I can't help thinking about Lederhosen Lloyd at this juncture before having a bit of a dirty laugh with Angus at this point for asking me THAT question while being filmed. Which while we're on the topic. This movie seems timely doesn't it missy?

I thought Fiona's shoes were looking fab the other night. Top tip gentlemen, always notice a womans shoes or you aren't noticing anything.

But I didn't hang around for that party as I was up the next day nice 'n early doing my magic light trick in my NAKED hands.

But not before tucking into the finest breakfast I've been enjoying outside of the Breakfast Club in Soho. Ladies & Gentlemen, The Mayflower Cafe on London Road's Sausage, Egg, Black Pudding, Grilled Tomatoes, Tea & Sliced Crusty. Awesome eh? I swear that bacon looks like maps of England and Croatia draped over the unusually lengthy sausage.

This is why I've put on at least a stone while in the UK and why I'm hitting the gym in the not very distant future. Feeling awesome and powerful after this quintessential British breakfast I felt in the mood to tackle this guy with some metaphysics. I think he liked me because he let me take his picture.

He looks like he is levitating ever so slightly in this shot. And right behind him you can see the Elizabethan Whitgift Alms Houses in Croydon, right next to Alders I think which kind of sums up the area for insenstive town planning. I believe they are going to exhume the River Wandle that was filled in the 60's to make way for roads. More on that later.

Further on down I met an ill mannered chap who represented some anti European lobby/party. Well they have got a point haven't they but seriously, Its not the end that is wrong. It's the means. I hope that people appreciate we aren't going to solve global warming on our own. We need big chunky respected institutions and the E.U. has greater gravitas than the Whitehouse and the Beijing Politburo combined. The E.U. isn't also obsessed with the growth growth growth growing unsustainable growth word. Growing growing gone I say.

So look, I'm sorry to get onto my socks but if Coleman can talk about his so can I because I've been packing over the weekend and I have a simple question. How the hell do I have seven odd socks. I'm sorry to burden you with this. But a reasonable explanation would be of succour. I'm also short on socks.

And while we're at it those Design Conspiracy boys are a bit fly by night with some questionable screen printing. Look how the original silk screen print of the longest city name in the world has gone to pot from when it was fresh over here in June.

Yesterday I also saw the Innocent ethos in action thing for the first time at Harrods supermarket. Raising money for the elderly. Funny how doing good is so much more respected than preaching good right? Most marketing people still dont quite get it yet though.

Which has nothing to do with my favourite Turkish restaurant that serves up this awesome spread for a fiver on a Sunday night after a long day at the orifice.

On a brighter note thought I absolutely love this birthday card that Audrey received for her birthday and thought I'd snap it before it was lost to posterity.


  1. Big dirty laughs indeed!

    Can you PLEASE work out how to email me the video when you get to China because I cannot find it on my phone anywhere...

    Safe flying Chuck, we'll miss you.

  2. The camera on the N95 - a phone I dislike - is nowhere near as good as the one on the SONY Ericsson K850i with the shit buttons ... but putting that aside, what on earth is that photo of you in the headphones? That is scarier than scary, but then I am to cool what Michael Barrymore is to being responsible and sane.

  3. Jerry Seinfeld has a reasonable explanation on what happens to socks.

  4. I finally have great net access, time to read your fucking great posts like this one, and then you piss off to bloody china! nice one charlie!

    please keep these up - they're great.

    (and just between you and me, your post about socks is better than colman's. his didn't even have a picture).

  5. Actually thats a BBC Micro, which admittedly is pretty much the same thing. Just that the Acorns were whitish is colour.

  6. I'll get that video to you Angus. You know its so HOT HOT HOT. I'm going to buy the K850i Rob and test drive it. Look forward to that. As for the photo in the headphones? I was just heading out into the nippy British air and took a snap. You are quite right. I look like a complete wanker ;)
    Thanks for the Seinfeld Tim. See you soon in BKK I hope. Thanks Charlie. I'll do my best to post from inside the great firewall Lauren! Thanks for the compliment. Means a lot to me. I'm looking forward to seeing your interesting South. And Famous Rob. I stand corrected. I thought an Acorn and BBC were the same thing and I certainly thought the one in the window was a BBC. I checked it with a colleague but now I know the difference!!

    Phew. You lot rock :)

  7. I miss RISC OS. Even the bits Microsoft nicked were better on it.

    Also, I have no idea when you are actually leaving... so presuming you haven't already: good luck!

  8. Hey charles,

    Simple solution to the sock problem, Find a sock that you like and only buy that one. That way all you odd socks will match because they will essentailly be the same sock.