Sunday, 4 November 2007

More out and about - London: Swinging Sixties?

Spotted this sign on the way back from the creative geeks drinks at The Endurance, and thought it was a must have addition to the blog. I'm still having trouble remembering if it's the Endurance or the Endeavour but there's only one pub on Berwick street market isn't there? Going back a day or two I saw this while out and about with Charlie the other week.

You can't beat a bit of complex pipeworkery can you? Yahoo Pipes should sponsor this immediately. Is anyone using this yet on a regular basis.

And looking upwards a bit, The Gherkin is definitely the 21st century archictectural landmark of London. You can see it all the way from Brixton, and features in that brilliant 'We live in Financial times' poster which is so so true.

More Creative Geeks action down The Endurance. Curiously we were talking about Tunng during the day as a friend is touring with them around the States.

Dead insect came along which is great because Anthony is just brilliant, a creative and digital planner bursting with ideas and now working freelance around London after a few years at Glue.

And Fiona tipped up with her boyfriend Richard of Creative Apes. I heard she has started blogging again which is always good news to hear. Fiona is half Indonesian and half Scottish. Quite an exotic creature, and a really nice young lady too. Keep up with the Blogging Fiona!

And no get together is a proper one if Sam the man from Adlads and Adgrads doesn't turn up. Check his Ali G impression for off the cuff grown men knicker wetting. Me like very much....Don't say I didn't tip you off about the headphone look Sam :)

And not many days later there was that Octopus twitter from Johanna and Amber. Later that day Richard and I came across this at an art gallery exhibition opening in Shoreditch.

Proving some trends are Global, but the piece that looked most provocative was this

Then we popped into The Owl & The Pussy Cat confirming my suspicion that I think is about to burst on a wider stage, which is a sixties revival in London. There was even a Beatles mop top haircut in this pub. Don't say I didn't tip you off about that swinging sixties revival first, although my friends tell me that Beijing is closer to the real thing for atmosphere; now that drugs and sex are quite common over there. I'll be clutching my Gideon Bible close to me at all times then :)

The next day Richard and I took a stroll around Lewisham where we noticed this incongruous couple from the bridge crossing the river.

I have no idea what the scooter and the pineapple were doing there but it felt like the start to a great novel or the middle part of a Morse episode. I should at this point include a clip of Richard playing in his band The Rank Deluxe from the night before. They play 'sewage music' according to their site. Gulp!

This clip is on the N95 again (as indeed is all this photography/video) and I think its quite good for the conditions although the sound recording is terrible. Not bad for a phone though.

I've always been fond of markets. All around the world if you want to get a feel for the people and skip the tourist hot spots, just get down to the market and you'll figure out quickly enough if the natives are good or not. I really like these old carts which still serve their purpose in the 21st century and have loads of character. Here's my local one packing up that saturday night.

I'm slowly but surely catching up with the media files on my camera and I expect very shortly to be blogging pictures and video that are almost real time. Which should make my posts a bit more interesting than this one.


  1. Lovin the pics Charlie, I put some more of the night up on the 'book.

    And much love to you on the 'benefits' of the headphone look. ;)


  2. Big love to you too big guy. Gonna check out FB (Beezer?) right now before my Web 2.0 gig kicks off.

    Limo was nice this morning too :)

  3. aw!! i miss you guys and this post reminds me of london so much! i'm still kicking the 'phones look down under and searching desperately for a market quite as good as berwick st..

  4. That reminds me Lauren. I think I got a phone for you. I'll get in touch when I'm back from Milan.

  5. Thank you for the lovely introduction to the blogosphere. I feel like a real debutante, now. Really fun night that night and the other one too in Angel. Still feeling hot red convertable car envy!
    See ya

  6. Thank you for the lovely introduction to the blogosphere. I feel like a real debutante now...Good times that night and the other one in Angel. Still feeling red hot convertable car envy!
    See ya.

  7. i think that last part works best if you say it with a sloane square drawl, dahling.

  8. that octopus has rainbow ink! i love it. my current animal obsession is a sloth, and I'm trying to perfect my sloth impression. it's really coming along.