Sunday 28 October 2007

Nokia N95

I'm road testing the Nokia N95 which means I get to take a load of pictures and videos so here's a sample of the what I've been up to. (Update: Few format probs to sort out here)

First I went to Oulu in Finland 200 Kilometres south of the Artic Circle.

But it wasn't snowing so it looked like this really

and this

The we paid a visit to the Nokia Future Labs where they get to play with lots of cool shit like M does in the Bond films.

And I was so loving this dog that I forgot what the connection with mobile phones was, but it must have been good right?

And a phone that can sort the shopping out for the fridge can't be all that bad a replacement for shopping lists can it?

But with so many toys around the joint there's a serious charging job to do.

And of course you need some kick ass remotes as well.

Not to mention some heavy duty mobile command telescopic spying devices

The engineers enjoy a certain genre of postcard. I couldn't figure out the name though.

And of course testing those phones means they have as many chargers as we get lumbered with

But it's OK for them because after all that 'where's my charger' action the Finns take their saunas quite seriously (it's a religion I overheard), and they are all over the work place, like here on the third floor

and here on the fourth floor in case you need to relax on the way up the stairs ;)

But they are into the coolest stuff

Which is ace by me because those software scientists and Nokia guys are developing the killer app to end all killer apps for people like me who are learning to speak Chinese but will probably never be able to read it well. A phone that can translate Chinese text on the go. Awesome!

There was loads of other stuff too that I can't talk about, because if I did I'd have to kill you or send over one of my Ninja guys to take care of things if you spilled the beans. You know how it is. More on that review later because I've got a whole lot more to say on the N95 and it aint gonna win me brownie points.


  1. Its not a bad phone. Do you know of a program you can use to send posts from your phone directly to blogger. I can not find one anywhere


  2. Hi Mike

    You can post to blogger with these instructions.