Monday 3 September 2007

Marxist Libertarian

No surprises on the political compass test for me then. I don't really believe in perma-ideology given that nothing lasts for ever, but broadly speaking I'm going to be hanging out with Gandhi and the other libertarian socialists in the bottom left. This is quite a fun little data visualisation and perceptual mapping exercise.

Incidentally I've been trying to persuade advertising agencies to do 3D perceptual brand mapping for years. Sadly not one of the them has had the perspicacity to make a flash designer and excel spreadsheet whizz kid available. So I might as well blog about it instead.


  1. I think your challenge is that most Flash whizzes would pass out if made to open an excel file. ;)

    And, dude, enable anonymous comments as I don't have a blogger account and I have no idea where my google id links to. ;)

  2. Maybe the reason I didn't get my 3D perceptual mapping done for me is that I was asking for both an Excel Whizz AND a Flash designer.

    As for comments mate, I'm having trouble leaving them on my own blog today here in Bangkok!!

  3. Took this test ages ago - and as expected, I was placed in the Libertarian right. Another quiz that I took was the 'World's smallest political' something quiz. And there too, was placed in the extreme libertarian quadrant.

    I call myself anarcho-capitalist on some fora, so that's all right, I guess.

    And yes, getting a flash whizguy who's also an excel person will be very difficult.

  4. Strictly speaking ravages Marxist Libertarian is an oxymoron but I'm pretty sure Noam Chomsky is down the left hand corner too.

    Anarcho capitalist sounds interesting Ravages/CC. Unadulterated capitalism was alright for the 20 century but sounds tired for the third millennium. The planet is beginning to feel tired too.