Monday, 9 July 2007

Passat, Sirocco, Bora

Check this Cannes Gold Lion Winner:

Following on from the last post and unrelated to cars, this comes via the excellent Iain Tait's Crackunit and is reminiscent of the sadvertising theme which is just going to get bigger as necessity forces us to adapt and move away from superlative images of superficial, shiny happy people with shiny white teeth. Well done Epuron.


  1. Thanks Dino. I find it quite inspiring too.

  2. Love that ad. The little details in his actions are wonderful.

    Not sure if I get the first poster i missing something?

  3. For obvious reasons, I love this. It's fantastic. Moving. Sad. And yet full of hope.

    Fucking love it.

  4. Thanks Marcus. Its exactly the sort of ad I'd expect you to come up with.

    Hi Rob, the Passat, Bora and Sirocco are winds. I wanted to find a title for the post that didn't blow the game away. Like the kite in the picture!

  5. Ahh.

    What about the Golf Stream?


    But seriously, brilliant ad.

  6. what a fucking great ad. in fact i could see a flash mob follow-on from that - people dressed in black ruffling people's hair and scattering empty bottles. heh.

  7. Sorry Guys these comments took a few days to come through. Glad you like the ad though and thats a great idea you had Lauren for bringing the idea to life.