Saturday, 9 June 2007

Who is Kate Walton?

Over at Life in the middle the pressing question of the day is "Who is Kate Walton"? This sort of paralyzing Saturday afternoon existential angst is deeply troubling for us at Punk Planning, and has been known to take the edge off our evening Angel Delight and Rice Pudding. If you know of Kate Walton and why her name is on a five pound note please get in touch as soon as possible so that Paul can get on with the weekend and feel in good shape for some more rough and tumble man hugging tomorrow. Who are you Kate Walton and why is your name on that fiver? The public has a right to know.


  1. Haven't you done a Facebook search??

  2. Doh!! Never thought of that Piers. On the case as we speak.

  3. I think we are in a middle of a new way of communication. Money Bills+Names+(facebook-Myspace)= Something new.

    Great Punk Planning blog.

    Keep it Punk

  4. Thank you Christos, its the only way we know :)