Friday, 20 June 2014

Four Lions - A Comedy of Suicide Bombers

Four lions is a genius dark/slapstick comedy about a group of inept suicide bombers. I'd heard about it before but my initial attempts to find it failed.

I was listening to a review of it last night and had to press stop in order not to hear too many spoilers and I was not disappointed when I located it earlier today.

There is of course a serious message in this movie and there are some sobering scenes even when the laughs are piling up thick and fast. I recommend you watch Christopher Morris's movie as soon as you can. All the actors are first timers if I'm not mistaken and if you recall Christopher Morris was the comic who made us laugh about media obsession/portrayal of paedophiles long before Savile was outed. It would be interesting to see a new and contrasting episode on media silence of VIP paedophiles in Parliament and Royal circles.

 Many a serious point is made in jest.