Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Finest Drugs & Arms Dealer of the 20th Century [Part One]

It's quite tedious trawling through the trash videos of Youtube researching the Bush families drug and arms dealing (while in office too) but this latest is exceptional and corroborates a lot of the information that Russ Baker has separately concluded in Family of Secrets. 

I'd never heard of Emile de Antonio before but he's a heavyweight and in this TV series which I've forgotten the name of. I must name check the interviewers at some point for their incredible contribution to exposing the unreported story of the United States. It's clear that Iran Contra was not about the hostages but simply a sideline business that was being conducted long before the Iranians (conveniently) took the hostages through operations such as the Bush run Black Eagles.

When the history of the 20th century is rearranged to look loosely like how it actually happened, George Bush senior will be recognised for what he is. One of the finest criminal minds and the greatest deceivers we have ever known. I was coming to this conclusion when I watched his video denial testimony of the Iran Contra scandal below. There's no question of George Bush seniors criminal calibre. See for yourself. No one comes close.