Monday, 6 August 2012

Angels With Dirty Faces

I left a comment over at John Smallman's blog of channelled information from the being known as Saul. The current meta narrative in channelled information is extraordinarily interesting but it takes about twenty minutes to explain why so to date I've never told anyone. 

 I keep an eye on John Smallman and a couple of others including the manipulative one(s) that peddle some very corrosive ideas.  However uncharacteristically for Saul the last post was a lecture on the collective conciousness of the 2012 Olympics and I thought to myself. "No fucking way Saul. You might be an Angel (or whatever) but I'm not taking instruction from anyone"
The irritation also gave me a chance to articulate why much channelled information proselytizes a flat, transparent and non hierarchical and mutually participatory world, and yet channelling is tainted by its very use of the monologue and repetition. It's advertising and the jury is still out on who is the client.

Here's my comment to Saul.

The Military Expo Olympics are sponsored by DOW Chemical who produced Agent Orange and which has two million grotesquely malformed victims
- [Ngo Vinh Long, in “Vietnamese Perspectives,” in Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War, editorial by Stanley Kutler (New York: Scribner’s, 1996]
Google images will bring you up to date very quickly on how fresh this matter still is.
DOW Chemical deny responsibility because they’re guilty and thus liable for billions in compensation to care for victims. DOW Chemical also deny responsibility for the Bhopal disaster in India. Once again they owe billions in compensation they will never provide. The poorest and weakest suffer directly from Olympic Sponsor DOW Chemical’s greed and corporate psychopathy.
However it’s easy to see that DOW Chemical are deeply humiliated and embarrassed by their history of killing, poisoning and mutating innocent people. We know this because DOW Chemical hired the most vindictive corporate espionage outfit called Stratfor to spy on Bhopal activists looking for information to smear anyone but themselves.
There are many examples of the Olympic detachment from humanity including GovCorp themes of corporatization and militarization, but I wont repeat them all and risk appearing sour. That’s not the case. People are entitled to enjoy their free time any way they choose and the human moments transcend the worst excesses of the Olympic franchise.
However to try and claim that the Olympics are a beacon for awakening is a painfully incomplete narrative..Saul’s propensity for the monologue frames a point of view that nobody can contribute to or shape.
In this respect Saul is reliant on a manner of communication that has more in common with the Patriarchy such as the Church or Dictators than an open conversation.
This is the paradox of the channelled message. It heralds a new age while relying on the quintessential model of hierarchical communications. The rhetorical speech, the soliloquy and the monologue.
If humanity needs instruction on what to think about the Olympics then I put it to Saul that we’ve learned nothing at all.