Saturday, 4 February 2012

I Claudius - The Documentary (Who Will Be The American Praetorian Guard?)

Claudius was one of the most capable, yet unlikely emperors. Shunned as an idiot by his family due to a limp and embarrassing stutter, Claudius spent the first decades of his life absorbed in scholarly studies until the death of his nephew Caligula. After Caligula's murder the Praetorian Guard found him hiding behind a curtain in the Imperial Palace, expecting to be murdered. Instead the guard proclaimed him emperor. His reign was marred by personal catastrophes, most notably promiscuity and betrayal by his first wife. He governed well and conquered the troublesome island of Britain. He was poisoned by his second wife, Agrippina Jr., mother of Nero. His story was brought to life by Robert Graves in the 30's who channelled him although that term didn't come into usage until the seventies with the Seth material.

At some point a neo Praetorian guard needs to emerge in the United States and round up the treasonous US Senate including the current president for signing the NDAA legislation if the Republic is to survive. I'll leave that to history to decide if that is its wish.