Sunday, 8 January 2012

Göbekli Tepe Is Embarrassing The Smithsonian Over Stonehenge & Pyramids

Ancient Aliens has pretty much jumped the shark with Giorgio Tsoukalos now more memorable for his carefully contrived hair than science, as well as his absurd piece to camera one liners such as "If X therefore Extraterrestrials" for example "If cosmic pubic hair therefore extraterrestrials (pronounced EGG-TRA terrestrials as he needs to jam as much idiosyncratic mnemonics into his sock puppet lines as possible to prolong the fame.

However Ancient Aliens has done its job of carefully inserting a future meme of  'hell they been coming and going forever" just in case they turn up again shortly and a few elite institutions look like they have been holding back on us.

It's a bit like the Precog crime unit in Minority report where the job isn't to prevent murder but instead dampen any future public backlash. TV and Hollywood does this best. It's a Precog outrage unit.

In the mean time a dozen threaded and interweaving historical revisions are unravelling around the world as we speak, it's just that most of them aren't getting prime time like Ancient Aliens which adds fuel to the rumour mill of, is something alien in the offing? 

The entire para-history picture hangs together if we interrogate it hard enough such that the Göbekli Tepe ruins in Southern Turkey rewrite the fundamentals of ancient history right down to how long the spurious time it took for language and the neocortex to evolve. In the mean time it's probably best to take a pointillist approach rather than the oil landscape route as the Göbekli Tepe ruins are older than Stonehenge and the Cheops Pyramid. If that doesn't raise a few questions for the inquiring mind to dash of a letter of protest to The iniquitous Smithsonian Institute then stick to the Ancient Aliens and their Eggstraterrestrials along with 'millions around the world'. 

It's a good start but a little stage managed for the connoisseur.