Monday, 2 January 2012

Douglas Dietrich - Satanist Paedophilia In The U.S. Military

You couldn't make this up. Douglas Dietrich worked as a document destroyer for the U.S. military and was privy to a massive cover up in a pre internet era when the U.S. military simply posted hundreds of abused military kids and families around the world to one of the military bases to prevent them sharing information. It's not possible in these internet days to hide these kind of stories but one would have thought a responsible media that wasn't frightened of the Pentagon would be reporting these crucial stories

Profit interests and the media and military have an interdependent corporate relationship that manages the news to portray Western war as spreading freedom, truth and democracy and demonizes people such as Ahmedinejad in Iran. I'm quite sure I could find a reason for getting arrested in the U.S. for telling the truth. That's how upside down things are.

However, people are waking up to the deception and that's a good thing. The Pentagon's reputation has crumbled so much since the Second World War it's unlikely it can ever turn around it's reputation.