Thursday, 5 January 2012

Celebrities Devoid Of Art Jamming Creativity Down The Toilet

I'm semi reluctant to plug Christopher Knowles interview here because I'd hate to see this post contributing to wider attention and better bill paying gigs that distract him from his book writing and excellent blogging. Christopher is the first person to credibly explain to me why The Clash were so good. I've never been into them but knew I was missing something from friends explanations, and it's nailed in this awesome interview about the secret history of Rock & Roll which connects straight back to the mystery schools and Dionysian waywardness.

If you don't learn a lot from this interview then you shouldn't be reading this but instead should be interviewed yourself. Christopher makes the interesting point that Rock & Roll can't be reinvented like say Nirvana did with the current hipster scene in music bars too self concious to bounce off the walls in case they look silly on Facebook pic uploads. He's a first class observer of the times and I urge everyone to listen to the excellent and erudite interview originally done by Cosmic Gnostic