Saturday, 10 September 2011

Terence McKenna - Tree Of Knowledge

Ten and a half hours of Terence McKenna speaking in Boulder Colarado between May 29-31 1992. I've listened to all these many times so I guess I have an 'ology' in McKenna but there are two talks randomly stored on the other computer and which I haven't been able to hunt down again, that I so want to find because I've never heard them posted by anybody else and they are unforgettable. The first is one talk by Terence to a UFO audience and for some reason Terence is really angry (the only time I have heard it in his voice) and he harangues the audience with the most vociferous proselytizing of the DMT on record.

I know he always proselytized DMT (and psilocybin with good reason) but on this occasion it's hell for leather and if I'm not mistaken it was provoked by a mystery fax he received before the lecture. The other lecture that I'm itching to find is a McKenna speech where he channels the 'other' who informs him that the earth will split in two in 2012, which is  eerie because that's exactly what a number of psychics and hypnotic regression experts have said will happen a decade or so later. It's one of those very tiny absurd details in hundreds of hours of listening to people from disparate sources where the correlation has made me sit up and WTF so to speak. When I say the earth splits I mean one dimension remains here and another earth ascends. Check out the Dolores Cannon posts to see what I mean.