Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Budd Hopkins Tribute

Budd Hopkins was a highly regarded abstract artist who bravely took on the subject  of alien abductions before it was a recognised phenomenon and felt to be inconceivable or subject to ridicule and derision. The issue has always earned ridicule but Budd Hopkins saw enough similarities from disparate sources to know that something was up. I've never heard him try to portray himself as an artist when he was presenting abduction information and it must have surely burdened his reputation to be taken seriously as an artist though he went on to become recognised in both fields.

My realisation that the inseparable relationship between alien abduction and the military (Eisenhower agreed with one group of E.T. to exchange technology for genetics, a disastrous agreement for the United States morally and spiritually) came from listening to Dr Karla Turner who despite being a victim had objective and compelling presentation skills and later I came across Budd's work which is invaluable to the subject which is trans dimensional, involves memory wiping and even replaced memories but always involves missing time for those not asleep during abduction. I can't imagine the true story behind the phenomenon remaining concealed for all that much longer given the huge increase in UFO activity by what is considered to be largely benevolent ET.