Sunday, 31 July 2011

Nassim Harramein - Physics As You Go


I was listening to Stephen Hawking's sidekick Leonard Mlodinow being interviewed a couple of nights ago lamely defending CERN smashing stuff up to see what happens even though the standard model we currently use works just fine. He compared it to discovering antibiotics when any cretin can figure out the first people to confiscate the technology will be the Pentagon to blow even more shit up. In a world where famine is still rampant I'm appalled that materialist science is selfish, dumb and dangerous. (The Standard model is Lego for Freemasons but let's not give the kids a the bulldozers till more urgent problems are solved).

In contrast Nassim Harramein's latest presentation on a physics is exciting, forward thinking and spiritually integrated. His humorous and engaging style is refreshing with wry observations that in the world of conventional physics nothing actually touches each other at an atomic level. I'd love to see him and Maurice Cotterell discuss their respective understanding of the universe. They generally tip toe around each other's ideas but don't always agree.

Update: I was listening to a book review of How the Hippies Saved Physics and I understand Hawkins 'caved' to Susskind in which case it's unfair to describe him as a sidekick.