Saturday, 30 July 2011

Invitation Only - Bohemian Grove

It's the exclusive annual July forest retreat where the rich and powerful gather to agree on what actions the U.S Government will pursue, to keep the people distracted while the real wealth can be extracted from the hamster wheel classes and mother Earth. 

All done in an environment marinating in satanic occult symbolism and mock sacrifice as photographed above by Alex Jones when even fewer citizens had any idea that Congress is manipulated for dramas of divide and rule and occasional stalemate as we see today. 

All that #fuckyouwashington energy takes the people's eyes of the ball. The press baron media are silent except for endless articles about endemic conspiracy theory. 

Ridiculing those who are vocal works far more powerfully than pointing guns. We're warriors in the trenches and yet regrettably mere chimps when in Starbucks poring over the tabloids while worrying about the mortgages they oversold us.