Friday, 1 July 2011

57 Varieties Of Lunacy

Lovely coincidences happening here for me. David Willcock asserts that there are 57 varieties of humanoid based on Clifford Stone's testimony and I thought that's the same description as Heinz 57 varieties (trivia is my speciality) but just then Wired Journalist Dave Mosher  took umbrage to my constant criticism that science articles on Wired are often cut and paste journalism and tweeted a link to a science paper on the K/T event and then seconds later David Willcock started talking about it in this interview. I like coincidences so I'm obliged to do my homework on this now. It feels like I'm being nudged that way.

And Dave... Sorry about being so rude but seriously, the moon is artificial. That's the story Wired really needs to do. How about it?