Thursday, 9 June 2011

Nassim Haramein - The New Einstein

I love Nassim Haramein's work. I'm not yet clever enough to reconcile it with Maurice Cotterell who I discovered recently but I find this subject of the new physics utterly fascinating, and more importantly I understand their way of thinking. 

Yesterday in the New Statesman I was moaning on about their puff piece on String Theory physicist Brian Greene who has some great ideas that overlap with what I'm learning but he quotes Einstein going against his elders when Einstein was radical enough to challenge Newtonian gravity.

Well, if you want refreshing and radical physics (as well as comprehensible) then Nassim Haramein is your man. After all. Didn't Einstein say if you can't explain it to your mother you don't understand it? Nassim is slowly but surely making headway with his predictions and understanding of the universe. 

Brian is out there on a theoretical harp plucking on the strings.