Sunday, 5 June 2011

Beginners Guide To The Anunnaki Elohim Nephilim

Very good introduction to the subject. Notice the pineal (pine cone) gland being held by the Anunnaki winged serpent god. Looks like he just plucked something critical out of some slave species brain.

Update: This post is fast becoming popular and so I want the knowledge seeker to know that since I wrote it I've learned a lot more and later today I will be embedding a video interview which is, in my long study so far, the most calm, clear, agenda-free explanation of who the Anunnaki are and why caution is required from them and their channelled 'space brother's message. Here's an additional video that is food for thought about what kind of beings to trust.

If it wasn't for Zecharia Sitchin I wouldn't have started this journey but the logic flow is this. The Annunaki, pretended to be Gods to us, and genetically altered us to do their work for them. The question to ask yourself is 'Should we take all their clay tablets at face value?'

You decide. Don't let anyone do that for you. Including me.