Tuesday, 19 April 2011

FBI Revelations - Roswell Was Covered Up

The recent FBI disclosure of UFO evidence is another drip in the emerging stream of the most important cover up in history. Caught between a rock and a hard place of institutional concealment and public programming the idea is drip feed the information out so that public acceptance comes without the rage of discovering how duped they were in the first place. The new FBI vaults released information is particularly important because the military industrial elites have always portrayed the Roswell Incident as a weather balloon. Indeed a gullible public has always sucked on the nipple of warmed info with a zest for scepticism that always ignored being sceptical of their masters.

To begin with the media reported this news completely uncensored.

This story was then changed into yet another famous weather balloon.

They went one step further though and staged a press conference to show the weather balloon.

But were unaware that decades later with digital enhancement tools an investigator would be able to read the memo in General Ramey's left hand above. It read as follows:

Here's the FBI vault disclosure with additional damning evidence. The FBI information says the air force took that weather balloon from Roswell, and flew it for immediate inspection to Fort Worth. The question the sceptards out there need to ask themselves is why fly a standard weather balloon to have the top scientists investigate it?

But I don't want to leave you with an impression that it's all over because if a UFO with occupants was taken for examination the really explosive thinking starts when a man considers what that means for the back engineered technology that has been around since at least the 40's and that if super-luminal travel is possible then there are dangerous questions to ask of the military industrial complex as to who has that technology and where in the universe are they using it? Maybe that breakaway civilisation that Richard Dolan talks about is more real than conjecture because that is how the 'genius' of capitalism rolls. 

There's no mention of government in "military industrial complex". Which might explain the quality of our politicians who are simply bought to rubber-stamp where our taxes go. Best thing about these revelations is watching the debunkers deny until they choke on the full weight of the evidence revealing their willing complicity to do and think exactly as they are told. There's so much more than this. Only open minds dare tread.

Update: I'm increasingly persuaded by Douglas Dietrich's history redefining explanation of the Roswell Incident.