Saturday, 11 July 2009

Jung Von Matt

I can't hear the music to this as I'm in an internet cafe, but if they've got it right then strategically and creatively it's an awesome ad. 

Wealthy people who like driving cars often work very hard and long hours. They are often still at the wheel, late into the night. Check out the autobahn next time you're pulling a Stadt zu Stadt all nighter. They're always there and look just as keen as you to get home.

This is great work from one of my favourite German agencies, although that sheep at the end looks like a nod to British advertising (despite being quintessentially German Kinky). It's not far off this recent Passat ad that I also like. However I don't respect this execution as a VW ad. It's too off-brand from the VW brand topography I'm familiar with. It Could be any car couldn't it? 

The Benz number however is solid "future of motoring" territory. 

Anyway cars are dull. The epitomy of 20th century mass production and corporate mindsets. Great advertising though.