Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Ed just posted about Chanel and so I've got to get this off my chest. Chanel are kicking retail ass at the moment in so many ways that I can only describe as creative tumescence pour moi. I passed their flagship store in Bejing and pulled out the Canon to snap their window display. It's on another level and frankly I could write about just their shoes for a few hundred words. I realise that luxury is the opposite of a lot of values I espouse on this blog but never confuse true beauty and design genius with high bills.


  1. You should see the displays over at Printemps Paris.....they're absolutely stunning!

    But Chanel has been kicking serious ass since ages ago. Their vintage bags are more desirable now than they were 20 years ago!

  2. Amen to that, Charles. 'Luxury' is something that interests me massively. It's a frame of mind, not something that's expensive... because 'expensive' is contextual.

    I found this book interesting:


  3. Please, write about their shoes. I just want to see you do it ;)

  4. oh.my.god. that is beautiful!! "never confuse true beauty and design genius with high bills".... here here.

  5. Hi Not Yet Woman. Sorry for the delay but I've been having China restrictions to my blog that I've only now figured out how to comment.

    I will check out Printemps ASAP. I spend whole afternoons looking a beautiful clothes because it makes me in love with the world when I see design and beauty. I'm tempted work with some of these brands on doing really insane communications. Thanks for dropping by.

    Rachel C... I just popped into Chanel again to write that post for you and the shoes have just been rotated and sadly weren't floating my boat. But Prada were freaking rocking with femininity. Can I do it about their stuff?

    Kiss for you Lauren. I never know when I'm going to write something that you pick up on.

    Thanks Mark. I'm going to add that book to my Amazon wishlist right now. Look forward to seeing you in London again. Be well :)

  6. Can't help but think that the brand DNA is in large part responsible for this current ass kicking by Chanel. If one is at all familiar with the story of Madame Coco, you will know about the extraodinary circumstances she has had to deal with. economic reccesion, WWII, social issues. Somehow I believe this is such a rich vain to tap (particulary in current economic climate) for the current employees. jumping across the board a bit here , but is like she / her history serves as a war time consiglieri for the brand, they (Chanel) have been there and know how to do it, where as other brands perhaps have only lived in "peacetime", and their advisers as well. so they do not know what it takes, or if they have what it takes to create succes in harsh times. just my thoughts..

  7. Its comments like that Niko which make me want to spend everything I own on getting to know someone at Chanel and talking to them about their DNA. I had no idea about Coco but I FEEL that what you say comes through the hardship and galvanized with the values that are won through real hardship. We're such a pampered generation.

    Which reminds me that a lecturer friend of mine suggested proper war is a way to remove the Chavs. It was said in half jest but I think we get his poinyt.

    While I've been grateful to grow up with the endless generosity of peace. I think its time to set a few wolves among the sheep because "Four legs good, two legs better!" is not far off.

    We need to talk more soon.