Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Who do you want as the next U.S. President?

Some time back a very bright friend of mine who commits his formidable intellect to social entrepreneur projects came up with an idea that has been waiting for the internet to come of age. We all know that the decisions made in Washington D.C. (or is it Crawford Ranch now?) have an impact around the world that is disproportionate to the population of the U.S. vis a vis the rest of the world .

It's always been the case that the U.S. election is the only political show in town that counts, and for those U.S. residents who feel it's an exclusive affair to holders of U.S. citizenship well the rest of the world disagrees and I can assure you the last 7 years have been deplorable. We're not happy and it impacts directly on our live, and now here's your chance to be heard.

The good news is that the global community now has the opportunity to express who they wish to represent them in the next presidential election through the good work of Joey Baxter and his friend at Community Counts. So if you remember this post from some months back, the site has been built and is ready to rock and roll. Now is the time to sort out the year of the rat. The votes break down neatly by geographical location too which adds some relevancy to your choice of candidate.

Go here and make a point for a few seconds if you can.


  1. Dearest Charles,
    I am so sorry I have been out of touch for so long.
    I had a true love affair go awesomely wrong at the beginning of the year, and I left life for a while to try and figure it all out. I wrote 50,000 words about how love is hard and then I flushed them the toilet.
    Now, I am back.
    I want to send you something that I hope will make up for everything.
    What's your address?
    ps. I heard you're leaving and it made my heart sink then soar. In other words 'what's a rule breaker like you doing in an network agency like this?' XXX

  2. This is a valuable project, but don't forget that there's a small but vociferous constituency in the USA that seems to regard anything that's not American as being by definition *anti*-American. (The mentals who started the Conservapedia used as evidence of Wikipedia's anti-American bias the fact that it tolerated UK English spellings.) So the fact that the outside world is so vociferously pro-Obama will just reinforce the notion that Obama is an Islamist/Marxist/French mole.

  3. I'll get that address to you baby x

    Hi Tim. Good point. The worst point of the U.S. is how close they are to the Chinese when it comes to selfishness of the perception of their country. Its a planet we live on in my book. Hope you're keeping well. Might be in BKK soon.