Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Adult Swim

As Rob is off on a nostalgia trip of lycra pants, long hair and sneaky trips away from HHCL where we used to work in London to read Kerrang I thought I'd share something that came my way in RSS feeds last night from Tokyohanna, that immediately stood out from the usual music tip offs.

I really like this ability to embed and share music with people through blogs and widgets. It's a terrific recommendation/distribution model, and means that Adult Swim make it into my awareness and/or consideration set quickly easily and effectively.

I guess their next task is to find a way to get a few Euros out of me. I believe they can do this outside of the traditional revenue model and despite David's startling assertion in a brilliant post he just wrote that content production as we know it may be dead, or even the nature of content itself.

I'm guessing it depends a lot on the context but make sure to follow his thought leadership blog for more on the future of media and take time to check out David's seminal 'Where are the Joneses', for a glimpse I believe into the future of mobile content.

The other talent that caught my attention recently off the Radio One site are Crystal Castles. This video is for Rob because its all about the noise right?

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