Thursday, 10 January 2008

Wanna See My Lunchbox?

In a dramatic turn and subsequently bizzare twist of events it turns out that the owner of the mysterious Hello Kitty Lunch box over at Robs was in fact none other than Marcus Brown of Munich (formerly Southampton). The Kaiser, not widely known for his sweet 'Kawaii' side 'fessed' up that the lunch container was his regular victuals pack with a sheepish face over here . The scandal dubbed 'Kittygate' in the raggedy end of the digital press has rocked the male dominated blogosphere with underhand and pernicious jabs that Marcus is a pussy, so there was little else a chap could do for a chum other than come to the rescue with a picture of my own lunchbox. Beef noodles or no beefnoodles. Barbera who took this snap with an unsteady hand from laughing about the rapidly expanding waistline had to be coaxed into keeping a aim so do excuse the indulgent smiles that come about as middle age spread takes another innocent victim.


  1. marcus has pink fru-fru, you have drab utilitarian, which begs the obvious question: does the lunchbox represent the hidden psyche of a man, in terms of his relationship to primal hunter-gather social dynamics? :)

  2. As upsetting as it is that Marcus has a 'Hello Kitty' lunchbox [and is PROUD of the fact] - I must admit to finding it even more alarming that the great LoveGod that is Charles Frith has a lunchbox filled with nothing but air!

    How on earth are you going to help that poor Beijing classified girl with her 'education now?

    It's like finding out Jordan really has a couple of 'baked beans' and owes all her 'presence' to a Wonderbra.

    It's ruined my whole year. Maybe

  3. I'd love to say it does Lauren. But instead you'll have to ask Rob what lunch box means in British slang ;)

    And Rob. While you're here. You know I'm just trying to keep the side up for the lads. Its a tough job but *someone* has to do it :)

  4. Hey Charles,

    Um. Are we looking at your "lunchbox" or your "lunchbox" (wink wink)???

    The placement makes me wonder if there's some play on words here??? ;)

  5. Look Sean. Its a social object OK!!!

    I would have thought you would have known better! ;)

  6. Who the FUCK is calling me a pussy? And I'm not sheepish about the fact at all. I love that Lunchbox. Bloody love it.

    You're is just an EMPTY SPACE.

  7. I actually wanted to write "your lunchbox is an EMPTY SPACE"... way too early.

    So, so... it was Young William was it?

  8. No not really. I just made that up. As indeed was the comment in the first place. Blogs are good like that ;)

  9. You mean you make this shit up?

    How fucking cool is that eh?