Monday, 11 June 2007


Once in a while I'll think about why the credits on movies include everyone involved with the production down to the second gaffers' illegitimate child. Why wouldn't the same happen on my Kellogs cornflakes? I can't help but think how theatrical it would be to have a full list of credits on a cereal box even down to Fred the forklift truck driver at the Kellogg Warehouse.

Well.. on that theme Jan Chipchase asks a splendid question today that may offer a taste of the future of marketing. What happens in a world where the kid who stitched the uppers on your Vietnamese/Chinese manufactured trainers is part of the legend/PR disaster of the brand? In an increasingly transparent world, would it be that hard to make the staff the stars. Jan Chipchase is a blog worth following as he traipses round the world with a sharp eye for what is often going on around us right now.
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