Monday, 28 May 2007

Direct Versus Indirect Communications

Here's one of those questions usually asked by global or regional advertisers that applies anywhere communications are to be weighed up from a cultural or even category perspective between direct and indirect messaging. Its a presentation I wrote about the debate between blunt messaging and interesting complexity last year and that I want to go into a bit deeper at some point, as its an important (and possibly inconclusive) question that others have also tackled here, here and here. Do feel free kick it around a bit if the mood takes you and I should let Nigel know I used a couple of Millward Brown slides although I don't think it's anything kick-ass confidential. (Somewhat spookily I see that I've surfaced in Nigel's latest post since I've been offline a wee while)


  1. I find the chart illustrating the fluctuations of News Value (new product, new info, new treatment) to an established brand in various asian countries very interesting to see... I'm curious as to how the information was collected to display these figures... all in all, very helpful, it's interesting how a new product would be better received in Japan, Taiwan and Korea in comparison to the other countries...

  2. It's quantitative research. The single largest reason why if people spoke to you like advertising does you'd punch them in the mouth.