Monday, 26 November 2018

Celine Dion's New Order

Celine Dion peddles the New World Order's multigenerational plan for a sexless, genderless, ethnic free world, by echoing Hillary Clinton's line that the State is responsible for baby care not the parents ("we don't really own our children"), and by introducing her new transgender agenda clothing line for infants made in Israel.

At the 33 second mark the commercial goes full New World Order/Luciferian imagery which has been received with rapture and fawning credits by paid writers, and called out by people who can see how obnoxious an agenda it really is.

There's nothing wrong with babies and infants wearing what they want, indeed all infants often wore girls clothes in Victorian times. However it seems the only symbol that is universally accepted as bad is a Swastika, which kinda tells us how symbol illiterate people really are.

Update: I forgot to mention that the Instagram Account is even more blatant: