Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Bizarre Breakdown of Sibel Edmonds

It was ex FBI 'whistle blower', Sibel Edmonds who first taught us the importance of Operation Gladio by explaining it's extension as Gladio B in Turkey and beyond. 

After the initial exuberance I noticed she never pointed out Israel's key role in 9/11, preferring to focus on what to me seemed trivial information, though others such as Pearse Redmond, were drawn closer to her. I guess it matched his world view of "let's discuss anything but Israel and Zionist Jews' critical role in the event that most shaped the world we live in".

Later on, Pearse ejected from the NewsBud venture and pretty much destroyed her in this memorable podcast embedded below, which pointed out there's no evidence for Gladio B, and that her behaviour corresponds with someone who is an FBI cutout to deflect from the real perpetrators of 9/11. 

It's important to remember that people such as the FBI's Robert Mueller covered up the crimes of that day. This is the same guy conducting a never ending witch hunt investigation of President Trump's alleged but increasingly debunked, collusion with the Russians to win the election.

In this interview we learned that Sibel has a comfortable lifestyle, and the ability to raise a hundred thousand dollars or more quite easily, without any understanding of who her donors are. What is clear is they are not 10 to 20 dollar donors that most other alt media publishers subsist on.

On it's own this wouldn't be enough to demolish her previous work, however in recent weeks, Sibel has taken to twitter to smear some of the best independent journalists in the alt media business including Patrick Henningsen, Vanessa Beeley and Eve Bartlett who memorably crushed the mainstream media journalist who hadn't grasped that we are supporting the terrorists in Syria

A fact that only the deranged still deny.

I've long noticed that NewsBud claims news exclusives for the most banal historical observations, and so I thought they were becoming desperate for more funds, but in light of Sibel's attacks on respectable journalists, it's now clear she is an obstacle for the truth coming to light. She is also giving credence to oily pricks like George Monbiot as seen in the tweet above.

I guess her FBI credentials are now the chains that will bind her to the bay as the tide waters come in. She is history.