Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dave McGowan's Programmed To Kill

After years of peddling 'I don't believe in mind controlled assassins' Comedian and Pseudo Catholic Philosopher Jay Dyer finally tacitly concedes that the MK ULTRA program spits out mind controlled assassins. Now all he has to do is go back and read Tragedy & Hope and reconsider which actors are programmed multiples.

The picture is of Sirhan Sirhan. The Palestinian young man, the CIA and Mossad set up as a patsy to murder Robert Kennedy through erm mind control. The ballistics prove this beyond doubt.

Springmeier claims that Ronald Reagan was a programmed multiple. This makes perfect sense to those who have read "Dutch" by Edmund Morris. It's the official biography canned by the Reagans because it got a little too close to the truth.