Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fluoride McSheepDip - By Mike Lyra

My friend and talented artist @therealmikelyra has produced a track based on one of my Twitter neologisms "Flouride McSheepDip". 

It's a play on the dumbing down effect of fluoride and the "Sheeple" description that intelligence agencies created to describe how easy it is to herd populations who consume corporate media, unaware that many many stories are planted by them, through their media assets of journalists and presenters, to con us into believing the opposite of the truth.

In April 2013 (and many times after) I foolishly predicted that NATO would have to use a false flag to sell a new war in Syria (before moving onto Iran). 
I say foolish because predictions are a mugs game, but on this occasion I got it completely right.

In case you have already forgotten, the corporate media reported that Syria had launched a chemical weapons attack on it's own people. 

We now know that the Sarin chemical was used by the rebels (terrorists), and that it was produced in Georgia by NATO . In short a classic Western false flag to yet again, demonize a country and its leader so the international banking cartel could go to war for more profits while destroying any country that stands up to Israel.
It's important to remember that many dead children were used to emotionally blackmail the Western world into bombing the wrong people. 

If that doesn't mean anything to you then please remember if this spills over into a larger war that you didn't see coming, it was only Russia that saved us from bombing the wrong people and protecting the perpetrators of many crimes against humanity.

John Kerry went on global TV and stated "we know" Assad did it 24 times and we now know that it was one of our false flag attempts to trigger yet another war.