Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Two Sides of @ggreenwald

On the one hand there's the Glenn Greenwald who is going into partnership with an NSA partner while holding 99% of Edward Snowden's whistleblowing that I have yet to learn something new from.

On the other there's the great keynote speaker who socks it to the NSA lackeys, the sycophantic British press pimping the security state establishment and pseudo journalists who think their job is to defend the State. 

Either he's naive, lying or somewhere in between. A condition we all suffer from probably.

There is however the other Glenn Greenwald who refuses to mention Russ Tice of the NSA that told us about NSA spying on a young senator candidate called Barack Obama and who now displays multiple personalities for reasons that could be anything from blackmail to Dissociative Identity Disorder AKA MKULTRA multiple personalities.

It really is hard to come up with a more boring reason.