Friday, 7 September 2012

Mitt Romney's Mom

The video keeps getting removed so make your mind up if you're interested to watch it now. 

Yesterday I was reminded that most politicians in Washington have sexual scandal being used to blackmail them. I originally  heard it in some MKULTRA interviews but the content was so shocking I didn't want to quote it but yesterday was a pretty tame interview that made it clear that the allegations are true.

Why do I mention this? Well because Mitt gives me the creeps. Whatever it is he's interested in it's not the well being of normal people and I sense there's a different agenda that pushes him to do things that no decent person could ignore.

But all said and done his Mom comes across as a decent person. However, I also read earlier that his father George Romney was heavily involved with CIA MK ULTRA.

This is not an endorsement for Democrats. Both sides are owned by Wall Street.