Monday, 3 September 2012

Cheesed Off

Yes yes yes, it's got Linda Moulton Howe (bet she was a bit slutty in the eighties) and Bob (I turned up with a real estate agent at John Lear's home) Lazar  so it's fromage, but it's good fromage and raises two thoughts for me. Why has UFO video changed since the advent of mobile phone cameras? My second thought is one I learned the other day. Our horizon view is only 18 miles. It's so small compared to the planet it's fairly evident we're missing a lot and I've learned that the stuff we're seeing, in relation to UFO's may have little to do with reality.

Honestly? No other question cheeses me off more than why aren't the space brothers dropping by for a Singha beer with me. I'm fun and interesting. Surely their technology can tell them that?