Sunday, 2 September 2012

Brazilian Unidentified Flying Object

UFO Sighting | August 31, 2012 | Brazil, Três Pontas (Minas Gerais)

The topic of UFO's is so frustrating and riddled with high end disinformation that I don't really follow it too much except to think about reasons for non interaction. The type of UFO's I like are the one's snapped in the 70's on colour film because we rarely see this type any more. The ones caught on Youtube are all just bright lights and that gets a bit boring after a while. 

I'm intellectually appalled by the idea of something so primitive as alien UFO hardware floating around the skies and yet orbs leave me a bit unexcited, although naturally they're a bit more spiritualised.

Anyway if the UK is crop circle capital of the world. South America is the king of UFO sightings and the one above is old school disc shapes in the sky filmed a couple of days ago. I've included a pic from Billy Meier's collection above it because again, it's preposterously old school but hey, even the Feds took Billy Meier seriously enough to smear his name.