Saturday, 1 September 2012

Al Jazeera - Goddam Conspiracy Theories Wont Go Away

Poor old Western media and poor old United States. So steeped in mendacity the people are completely divided and nobody knows what the truth is any more. The Conspiracy Theory 'expert' Kathryn Olmsted actually says "when you believe the President of the United States is not legitimate.....then why should you believe anything the Government says?".

Exactly Kathryn, unfortunately everyone in this studio wouldn't get a salary if they held a contrary view.

This is a brilliant piece of media and cultural analysis of U.S. dysphoria. The media have crafted the art of petty and trivial division so deeply they now congregate to take comfort from each other that the whispers are not true. 

Ha fucking ha.

Incidentally nobody says the emperor has no clothes and points out that colonialism is a bad thing and that's the end of D'Souza. But the reality is that for America, colonialism is a great thing because it's perpetual war economy around the globe props up the fiction that it the spreader of democracy instead of the most resource greedy, wasteful, toxic, bloody and immoral entity on the planet. 

Nobody can discuss the conspiracy that colonial wars are the lifeblood of the US economy. Nobody can say that D'Souza is vile and so are his attackers. 

The United States of talking heads.