Thursday, 16 August 2012

George Bush's JFK Assassination Fingerprints

When I think about the criminal genius of George The First as he comes to the end of his days in a wheelchair I'd love to write the only book about him that accurately portrays him as a giant of the 20th and 21st century criminality. Right up to the end he used his son to take the rap for a crime that it's clear he never had the intellectual or cognitive clout to achieve. The 9/11 conspiracy.

I don't necessarily buy the above video photographic evidence as reliable, though we do know he was a CIA operative long before he was made head of the CIA and that he was in Dallas on the day of JFK's assassination and subsequently denied having any recall about the matter. On that little nugget alone it's fair to assume his involvement was of a primary nature.

Recently I've been interested in finding out what he was doing as Ambassador to Beijing because NIxon was in there straight after with Kissinger and it's all too close to ignore.