Friday, 17 August 2012

False Accusers Of Rape Endanger Women's Sexual Safety

Some of the most appalling people on the internet at the moment are ignoring that Julian Assange has been framed by the military industrial complex on spurious charges of a sexual nature relating to deception of non use of a prophylactic. This misdemeanour is masquerading in Sweden as a crime so far distant from my use of the language I will neither repeat it or give it any credit. 

The perniciousness of distorting language so far from its meaning is that it imposes violent sexual assault on women in the future as the patriarchal elements (like the aforementioned military industrial complex) of society take their hatred out on women. By insisting that Julian be prosecuted I claim you encourage violent sexual crime on women.  You're a disgrace and exceedingly selfish.

In this respect I applaud the honesty and courage of the tweet I've published. This comes from compassion and truth; not bitterness and short term point-scoring at the expense of long term safety of women.

There are of course counterarguments and I'm familiar with all of them, not least their propensity to ignore the persecution by the military industrial complex so in the end it is my word against yours. So be it. I'm OK with that. Julian is innocent and decent people know that.