Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Bad Taste Ad Asking Legitimate Questions

I don't believe in party politics or ideology. It's a 20th century failure and intellectually feeble to have a set of ideas that are not your own and if you can't think up your own party rules you probably deserve the government you're getting.

I like the outward interactions of Obama. He comes across as sincere and warm. He's also done a great job of inheriting a bad situation. However he's also broken the important promises that will only hit home when the food distribution system breaks down in the United States so that one's in the wait and see file.

The Church of Obama flock scream I must be a racist and/or conspiracy nut to ask these questions but I know more about three generations of his family than anyone who uses insults to further their defence of the man. The facts remain that on day one of his presidency Obama's first executive order was to conceal his records. It's what you would do if you had something to hide.

Or his handlers. The photo above has his claimed father to the left and Frank Marshall Davis from Hawaii to the right. Reason tells me it's not the guy on the left. I have no hard evidence who it actually is.